Patient Experiences at The ARGC - Cat and Mark's Story


ARGC and Mr Taranissi help Cat and Mark have a baby after being told by other fertility professionals that she would not have a baby without a surrogate mother .

"we firmly believe that without Mr Taranissi, Freddie would not be here and I would never have my own biological child.  The care he takes, on a minute level daily, is astounding."

Read Cat's Story in her own words below :

Ok, so- how did we end up with Mr Taranissi? Well, I have PCOS and, as I don't have periods, pretty much assumed there would be some issues with conception. Though, | never for one minute thought it would take so long (or involve so many drugs!).  Initially I started treatment at The Portland Hospital, where I had a hysteroscopy and laser treatment on my (unknown about till this point!) Endometriosis.  I found out that the PCOS was severe and, what was of the most concern, that the endometrium (womb lining) was very thin. My Consultant informed me that this normally was due to previous surgery on the womb, but I had not had any.  The lining, when first measured, was less than 2mm.  I then was prescribed a number of months of Provera to trigger a 'period', followed by Clomid to stimulate ovulation whilst being monitored- ovulation did take place but each month, my lining just did not thicken  as it should.  The next step was a number of months of Oestrogen patches- which neither made the lining thicken nor made me ovulate. It was at this point that my Consultant explained to me that I would need to find a specialist Reproductive Endocrinologist as, unless my lining thickened, I would be unable either to get pregnant (even with IVF) or sustain any pregnancy and my only chance of having my own biological child would be if I used a surrogate mother.  I can still remember when she said this to me- hubby was abroad on a business trip so | was on my own- my Consultant was lovely but, I was 29 and had just been told news I did not even want to comprehend as all I wanted was to be pregnant. It was a rainy winter's afternoon on a Wednesday and I felt physically sick. And so bitterly resentful of even being in that position........

I then started going to the London Fertility Centre.  More unfortunately wasted months of treatment followed and still the lining stayed very thin. Until, in the end, I was given the same news that, unless my lining suddenly thickened, I would never get pregnant.  In fact, this time, I started crying in reception as I was leaving and what appeared to be a really sweet nurse took pity on me and took me off to 'talk about it', I poured my heart out- with the result that a number of weeks later someone told me that they heard I had made a 'hoo-haa' at the clinic ........hardly sympathetic!!  So, a new clinic was needed........

I had heard of Mr Taranissi before and had read about his clinic and work with Viagra for thin, I booked an appointment there. From the very first appointment I got the really reassuring feeling  that a- everything that possibly could be done to get me pregnant  would be,  and b- if I was ever going to get pregnant anywhere,  it would be here. My last chance saloon.  First we had two medicated  IUI's with Viagra to thicken the lining and the lining did increase  to 4.5mm but no pregnancy.  My husband and I then decided we did not  want to do any more IUI's and so our next cycle was an ICSI cycle, again with Viagra. Unfortunately it was not successful. Because my lining had been pointed out to me in the past as being the main problem and, whilst there was definately sign of it thickening, but there was still no sign of it getting to an appropriate thickness, I  was really concerned.  So much so that later in 2005 we started making adoption enquires. But, we decided to have one last go in December 2005 and, if the lining was not thick enough at the time of transfer, to count it as our very last go and move onto the adoption process. I had another hysteroscopy and immune testing, which were, thankfully all normal.  Mr T changed my protocol to a Flare Cetrotide protocol and, throughout the cycle I felt so much more positive that it was going to be successful- I don't know why.  My lining  got to 6.5mm - 7mm!!  Then, on 21 December 2005, we got the results we had dreamt of. Now Freddie is nearly 7 months old.  And, we firmly believe that without Mr T, Freddie would not be here and I would never have my own biological child.  The care he takes, on a minute level daily, is astounding.  (I know so many other people who have been at clinics where there is a 'one size fits all' policy- for 
example, everyone starts drugs on the same day; egg collections are on a Monday and Transfers on a Wednesday etc.....) . Mr T's results are clearly the product of this attention to detail he adores.


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