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Friends of ARGC is a web portal for ARGC ( Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre ) supporters and patients.

This is also the home to The ARGC Defence Group, a group of ARGC patients and supporters defending Mr Taranissi and the ARGC against recent allegations broadcast on BBC Panorama programme. More



The HFEA have annuled their July 2008 decision that Mr Taranissi was not fit to run his own clinic ( "person responsible" ).

Mr Taranissi was allowed to challenge the July decision in the High Court, on the ground that the HFEA could have appeared to be biased against him. The HFEA decided to set aside their decision and pay his legal costs.

IVF Watchdog lifts ban on Taranissi



The HFEA released a joint High Court statement on 10/11/07 indicating that they ( HFEA ) were withdrawing the criticisms of ARGC that Angela McNab, then chairman of the HFEA, voiced on the BBC Panorama programme in January 2007.

The statements on the Panorama programme indicated that Mr Taranissi was offering "unecessary and unproven" treatments in his clinic. In the High Court statement, the HFEA said Mr Taranissi had done nothing wrong in offering these reproductive immunology treatments and that comments made on the programme were "not intended to suggest otherwise".

Of this treatment the HFEA said "some doctors genuinely believe that they offer benefits for their patients, and they are doing nothing wrong in providing such tests and treatments" The statement also confirmed the ARGC had the highest Live Birth Rate in the UK ( with or without his second clinic).

The HFEA said that they accepted that "Mr Taranissi was committed to providing the best possible outcome for his patients".

Angela McNab, the ex-chairman of the HFEA who took part in the Panorama programme, has been seconded to the Public Health department.

Mr Taranissi is continuing his libel action against BBC Panorama.

View "Reform The HFEA" Petition

"Why The HFEA Must Be Axed"



GMC Charges Dropped
The General Medical Council have decided that there is insufficient evidence to continue with his misconduct case. Mr Taranissi was accused of failing to keep medical records, carrying out inappropriate test and acting in an insensitive manner. Mr Taranissi vehemently denied these charges.
Case Against IVF Doctor Collapses
IVF Doctor will fight charges
Fertility Doctor Faces GMC Panel
GMC Press Release


HFEA settle Taranissi Libel
The HFEA today issued a joint statement with Mr Taranissi "effectively apologising" ( to Mr Taranissi ) for the claims made in the Panorama program about the ARGC clinic:
HFEA & Taranissi Statement
Top IVF Doctor Cleared ( The Sun )
HFEA retracts criticism of IVF doctor
Blow for BBC in libel row with doctor


Taranissi Legal Victory
The HFEA issued a statement confirming that the search warrants used to raid the ARGC clinic had been unlawfully obtained. Legal costs have been awarded to Mr Taranissi.
"IVF Clinic Raids Ruled Unlawful "
Baby, I'm Back - Guardian
HFEA Face £1m Bill - The Times
HFEA "Raids are ruled unlawful" - Ind


Taranissi Sues BBC Panorama
Mr Taranissi's lawyers have informed the BBC of his intent to sue them over the televised Panorama allegations.
"IVF Guru Sues BBC for £1m"
Fertility Doctor in £1m BBC Libel Fight


ARGC Defence Group Protest
Over 100 ARGC Defence Group supporters protest against the BBC and HFEA allegations. The group was founded by former patients to defend Mr Taranissi. more video


IVF Panorama Broadcast
BBC broadcast Panorama making allegations against ARGC and Mr Taranissi.
Watch Full Taranissi Interview BBC did not broadcast


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Please note also known as Friends of ARGC operate completely independently of ARGC and Mr Mohamed Taranissi.


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